Cavenago is proud to build only and exclusively mechanical “Swiss Made” timepieces. The “Swiss Made” mark is an indication of precision, technical and aesthetic perfection recognized all around the world. 

​Each single Cavenago watch is hand-assembled in Switzerland by long-experience Master Watchmakers;


Cavenago is equipped with all necessary tools and the latest technology to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of its watches. In the workshop, the temperature and humidity are kept at optimum and stable levels during all the whole production process.


Cavenago carries out very strictly quality control tests.


Each single movement has been tested in different positions, conditions and several temperature break points for two weeks in order to check the precision and the steadiness itself. Water resistance capacity is tested by making every watch go through a real water test in which the timepiece is submerged and brought to pressure. Straps and bracelets go through endurance tests to verify if components will guarantee quality over time. Visual inspection of the watch is the last important step of the QC process to guarantee a perfect timepiece in term of technical and also aesthetic requirements.

Cavenago watches come with a 3 years warranty.


Each daily effort is focused and addressed to make the best watches possible.